JESSNER induces similar changes to the skin as seen with AHAs, as it contains Lactic Acid which exfoliates dead skin cells and has less irritation than many other ingredients. Salicylic Acid which has anti-inflammatory properties and is lipophilic (fat soluble) allowing it to penetrate the pilosebaceous unit, therefore, it an excellent treatment acne/oily skin.

There is downtime with a Jessner depending on how many layers have been applied & skin must be cared for correctly. Expect day 1-3 tightening mild to moderate erythema(redness) & possible swelling, day 2-5 skin crusting & darkening in patches, day 2-10 visible exfoliation that cannot be picked off.

How many treatments will I need?

After 1 treatment, all new softer, hydrated and plumbed skin has been revealed this may be enough to get your desired result otherwise a Jessner can be performed every 2-3weeks to get optimum results.

$160 per treatment including Ultimate Recovery Bio-Cellulose Hydration Face Mask & 20mins LED Light Therapy.